Mother kicks her teen from the house after dad’s passing, brings her new partner and this is what he does years later

He turns 21 and takes the revenge! See what he decided to do in this article!

Today’s interesting story was shared by a boy who blew up the network with what happened to him. When he was 15, his father passed away and everything changed. Little did he know that his mother would soon kick him from their house.

It didn’t take her much time to decide and leave him alone. The whole thing is that his parents weren’t legally married and the boy became the only one who inherited all his property. However, he couldn’t possess it until he turned 21.

She soon sent him to his grandparents’ place explaining that she didn’t want any conflicts and scandals. The boy knew that his mother treated her other children better and cared more about her new boyfriend. He had never been her favorite child.

His grandparents stopped him from making a scene and advised him to wait until he turned 21. His mother occasionally visited him and gave false hopes explaining that everything was temporary and that she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

When he turned 21, he determined to go home and start a renovation. He went there and found no one. It turned out that they were on a vacation. He changed the locks. When they finally came from a getaway, they couldn’t enter the house.

The guy was out of the town and refused to go and unlock the doors. She became furious and couldn’t find her place.

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