Man goes fishing with his boss for a week and this is how his wife finds out his infidelity

Wife sensed something fishy and what she did blew up the network! For the continuation – see the article!

Today’s interesting story is about a super wife with the 7th sense. One day, the husband called her and asked to pack everything needed since he was going to go fishing with his boss hoping to get promotion.

He asked to pack clothes and the fishing box as he was going to stay there for a whole week. But what surprised the wife was that he also asked to pack his new silk pyjamas. This was something unexpected and thought-provoking.

It was the moment she noticed something strange, but as she had always been a good wife, she decided to listen to him and do whatever he asked.

A week later, the husband returned. The wife asked how the week was. He said that everything was great and he finally got promotion. He then asked why she hadn’t packed his pyjamas. And here is what she said in reply.

«I did.. They’re in your fishing box».

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