Spouses convert the miserable garage into a modern tiny house and invite the grandmother to live there

The couple turned an «ugly» garage into a stunning tiny house and blew up the network! 😲🤯Now they have a place where their granny can live and be closer to them! 😍🫠For more photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is getting more and more popularity nowadays. It is like an extra house which is much smaller than the one to which it is attached. The reason why it is called «accessory» is that it is not a primary building.

It is a secondary unit whose function corresponds to more an accessory, rather than the main thing. So, today’s article is about a man named Martin Brown who moved to Portland, Oregan and determined to convert his garage into an ADU.

Initially, he loved the city and even started a family there. However, when his heir came along his mother-in-law wanted to be closer. And the man decided to turn the garage into a dream place for living. The family remodeled and redesigned it.

It took them a lot of time, effort and determination to create that perfect ADU. Despite its smallness, it looks welcoming and atmospheric the very moment one enters it. There is a comfy sofa and a wonderful view out of the glass window.

One can even see a fireplace there. The kitchen-area is also fully-furnished. It has a full-sized fridge, a two-stove burner and a sink. There are hanging racks which store all the pots, pans, plates, etc.

What concerns the bedroom, it features a queen-sized comfortable bed. One of the major advantages of such ADUs is a lot of light that pours in through the glass door and windows.

It should be added that Martin made sure that the future home would be as close to the original 1920-style as possible and he definitely managed to complete that task.

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