One family transformed a «retired» firetruck into a stunning mobile house and now travel all over the Globe

Jasper and Suzanne turned a firetruck into a dream place to live and travel! 😍👇 The family of four showed their mobile house and left everyone speechless! 😮🤐See the inside in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s article is about one adorable Dutch family who travel the world, explore new things and «collect» valuable experience with the help of their unique mobile house which they made out of an «ugly» old firetruck that no one gave a second thought to.

The family is taking the truck down the Pan American highway and has plans to make it to Argentina. Jasper, the husband and father, quitted his job and determined to fully focus on his two little princess’s future.

The tiny stunning mobile house that they created with their bare hands consists of a full bathroom, mini bedrooms and a full-furnished kitchen. Their bunks literally stole all the network users’ hearts as they look really cute and perfectly match the interior.

The names of each of them are written on these bunks so as to help them not to confuse and fall out. The couple proved that some people are eager to quit their job and leave everything behind for the sake of their children’s well-being.

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