An elderly couple plops down a tiny house to be closer to their grandkids and now everyone dreams of living there

Retired spouses showed their tiny house and now people understand why they are so obsessed with it! 😍😲The retired spouses couldn’t even imagine a better option! 🫠See the interior in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s article is about the retired couple Bonny and Ty. They previously lived in a 3000 sq foot house which was full of «things» and was far from the minimalistic aesthetics. During their marriage they welcomed two kids who already have families.

One day, they decided to leave everything behind and start to live in a tiny but comfortable house. It is worth mentioning that they have 7 grandkids who live far away. So, in order to be closer to them, they were quick to realize their dream.

The tiny house they chose was constructed by Liberation Tiny Houses. It has a wonderful view and is a place where the couple can enjoy their evenings and have deep talks.

They are fully satisfied with the house they had chosen despite its compactness and being only 28 feet.  What concerns the interior, the living-area has two armchairs and a large dining table.

The kitchen is relatively small but has all the needed facilities. Everything is filled neatly.

Though the ceiling is too low and it sometimes disturbs while they are trying to fall asleep, the spouses couldn’t ever imagine a better place. Living in such small places not only became quite possible, but also desirable for many.

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