Every time we go out to eat, my partner «forgets» his wallet and this is what an excuse he brings this time

I sensed a red flag and see what I finally did when the last straw came in this article!

I am a middle-age woman and it has been several months I am in a relationship. He has children from his past relationship whom I love unconditionally. However, there is one «but» that has always bothered me.

I simply share my story to know whether I did the right thing or there is something I should regret about. The whole thing is that when we went out to eat with his children, he always forgot his credit card and it was me who had to pay the total bill.

One day, I received the salary and we decided to go and have dinner with his kids again. Before he arrived, I even texted him not to forget his credit card. When he came, his kids ordered many pricey dishes.

When the time came to split the bill, I wanted to make sure that he had taken his wallet and this is what happened. The expression of his face immediately changed and he acted «astonished» after he failed to find his wallet in his pockets.

He decided to bring excuses again and wanted me to believe that he had left the money in the pockets of the other pair of his jeans. The last straw came and I left the restaurant leaving him with his kids there alone.

Later, when he called me selfish and mean, I explained that I didn’t have to pay for him and his kids. He was angry claiming that they left the restaurant starving being unable to pay the bill.

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