The man wants to adopt his orphan sister, his wife comes against that and this is what he decides to undertake

He had to choose between his sister and wife and see what the man did in this article!

Today’s story is about a man who had just lost his father. He also had a little sister who had no one who could take care of her on a regular basis. The only possible option he considered was adopting her, but there was one big «but».

His wife and him previously made an agreement according to which they would never have or adopt kids. It is worth mentioning that the girl is only 11. The author explains that their father passed away from pancreatic cancer.

There was another option: they could send her to the man’s uncle, yet she chose to stay by her brother’s side. The man’s wife, however, was the only obstacle since she couldn’t stand children and even the single thought that the little girl would live with them was unacceptable.

Eventually, the man chose his sister and didn’t really care whether his wife liked that or not. He even touched the subject of divorce in case the woman couldn’t accept his decision. She chose another path and decided to separate.

She explained that it was a betrayal for her and he literally chose his sister over her.

Do you think he did the right thing?

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