One elderly woman kept staring at me and didn’t leave my side in a supermarket until she explained what the matter was

At the checkout she revealed the truth and see who she turned out to be in this article!

This article was shared by a man who noticed an old woman following him in a supermarket. When he stopped, she stopped too. When he kept moving, she moved too. This, of course, seemed strange and even scared the man.

The senior lady’s behavior raised many questions and the man had no idea who that woman would turn out to be. When they both got to the checkout, she turned to him and said:

«I hope I haven’t made you feel ill at ease, it’s just that you look so much like my late son». His heart suddenly started beating faster and he finally could understand what the matter was. The man answered:

The man answered that everything was okay. She went to the checkout and the time she was about to leave the store, the man waved at her and said «Goodbye, Mum!».

He was pleased that he made someone happy by his kind little act. So came his turn to pay for his shopping. But suddenly, the assistant said that he should pay 121 pounds. The man got surprised since he only bought three items.

The assistant explained that the woman who had just left the store said that his son would pay for her products too.

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