My son left his wife and child with Down Syndrome and this is what I did during his second wedding

I ruined my son’s wedding after he abandoned his son with Down Syndrome! See what I did in this article!

Today’s interesting story was shared by a woman who literally ruined her son’s wedding and now seeks for advice to know whether she did the right thing or should regret anything. The whole thing is that he was married before and had a son named Tommy.

The saddest part is that Tommy was born with Down Syndrome and his arrival made the man leave both his wife and their heir.  He strongly refused to take responsibility of him and didn’t support them anyhow.

His family was literally furious and wanted to make him start taking care of Tommy and return his wife. Just imagine his mother’s surprise when she learnt that Mike was going to get married again. She immediately made a plan.

On the very day of the wedding, the woman brought Tommy, his son, on her arms and revealed the whole truth in front of his fiancée. Before she said «I Do», the girl was astonished to learn the truth about his future husband.

This made her throw the bouquet and leave the wedding together with her family. The woman hopes that this act will make Mike change and start accepting his own son. However, she feels a little bit guilty of ruining his wedding.

What is your advice?

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