Widow receives flowers every single day which later leads her to discover the whole truth about her late husband

They put a camera, catch the stranger who brought the flowers and see who he turns out to be in this article!

Today’s interesting story is about Albert and Vivienne Harrison, happy spouses living in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, Albert passed away at the age of 86 leaving the woman in tears and sorrow. The passing of her husband literally broke her, but she had a big family to support her.

The loving spouses had three children as well as six grandchildren. It was a few months later that Vivienne first saw a bouquet of flowers at her doorstep, her favorite exquisite roses.

She called all her children asking them who left flowers but none of them did that. Soon, she recalled that there was a film where an old man instructed a flower shop to send flowers to his wife after she passed away.

However, when Miriam, her daughter, went to a flower shop from where her husband usually bought flowers for her, she was surprised to learn that they actually had nothing to do with that.

She was continuously receiving flowers having no idea who would be. One day, they happened to see the stranger who bought flowers to her doorstep. Her daughters were surprised to find out that it was a young man

However, they still weren’t sure whether that was a delivery man or someone who actually bought the flowers. One morning they put cameras and as soon as the stranger appeared, they rushed to catch him and ask who he was.

He revealed that Albert was his grandfather who had a short affair with his grandmother shortly before the marriage. She raised the girl alone and he was the son of that girl.

They had formed a special bond but, unfortunately, didn’t have much time to spend together. Shortly before his passing, Albert asked him to bring flowers to his wife as an apology that he hadn’t revealed the truth way before.

He then admitted that his mother and grandmother passed away in a car accident. The woman was sorry to hear that. They soon organized a barbeque party and invited Michael as well whose presence was a big surprise for all the guests.

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