When I returned from maternity hospital I saw the house perfectly clean and the bill of 200 dollars from my mother-in-law

Never did I think that I would receive a bill from my mother-in-law demanding money! See what I did in this article!

Today’s interesting story was shared by a woman who had just given birth to a son and returned home from the hospital stay. As soon as her husband and her entered the house, they saw it perfectly clean later noticing a note demanding money for cleaning expenses.

Believe it or not, the note was left by her mother-in-law which came as a big surprise. While the man was quick to express his gratitude, the woman found it ridiculous claiming that they hadn’t asked her to do all that stuff.

The concerned woman suggested giving her a nice present for her efforts and assistance, yet her husband’s mother kept insisting on being paid 200 dollars for her cleaning expenses. The couple has no idea what to do.

What do you think of this situation?

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