The girl calls the ring given by her grandmother «cheap» and throws it but she doesn’t know the whole truth

The grandma had a lesson of her own to teach her and see what she did in this article!

Today’s heartbreaking story was shared by a woman named Margaret who had always done everything for the sake of her granddaughter Emily providing her with everything needed regardless of financial problems, including proper education.

As soon as she learnt that Emily was about to get engaged, her happiness knew no bounds. She couldn’t wait to see her on that day, and just imagine her astonishment when Emily didn’t want her to come to the engagement party.

She, anyway, decided to attend the ceremony and carried an old red box with her. Margaret felt like an outsider. When the time to give the presents finally came, she approached her ungrateful granddaughter and handed the girl her present.

Emily opened the box and revealed an old ring in it. She called it «cheap» and threw it. The time the ring touched the floor, it popped again and a priceless gem became visible – the most exquisite diamond.

The grandmother’s seemingly modest gift turned into a whole heritage and the symbol of ever-lasting love. Everyone there went speechless. The girl rushed to hug her grandmother wishing to tighten their unbreakable bond.

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