On the first day in a new apartment I packed up my belongings and left forever after discovering the truth

I sensed a red flag and left right in the middle of the night! See what happened in this article!

My boyfriend and I decided to move to a new apartment for a new life together after two years of dating. Little did I know that we would break up just on the first day in a new apartment after I revealed something which left me speechless.

I took efforts to establish partnership, but he insisted a traditional division of roles claiming that he fully relied on his mom for all the household chores and duties. He was strongly dissatisfied that I tried to take over all domestic responsibilities.

I definitely sensed a red flag when he suggested paying me to be his maid which intensified our disagreement. Unable to accept such a behavior, I decided to leave right in the middle of the night.

When I returned in the morning to pack up my belongings, I saw him play video games and not care at all. I firmly closed the door on our short-lived chapter and left without looking back.

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