One sales woman humiliates a customer for her plus size and meets her at her boyfriend’s family house days later

Little did she know that the rude girl who made her cry was her son’s girlfriend! See what happened next in this article!

Our heroine went to a shopping mall days before the winter Holidays and got humiliated by one sales woman. There, she met Claire who, one may say, conveyed the Christmas atmosphere in the most inconvenient way possible.

Once the woman tried on the dress which she truly liked, the sales woman started mocking and making fun of her. «As a joke», she rudely said, «You definitely need a bigger size, or it will blow on you on Christmas, or maybe a diet will help you».

To say that this deeply insulted the poor woman is nothing to say. In tears and frustrated, she had no time and energy to put the naughty girl in her place. The customer left the mall immediately and explained everything to her son.

She couldn’t contain her emotions. Her son got furious and he couldn’t wait to know the exact place of the shop and the name of such a heartless sales woman. However, mom didn’t want her son to get involved in a conflict.

Christmas finally came and it was even more special for her this year since her precious son was about to introduce his girlfriend about whom he had long been talking. Just imagine mom’s surprise when she realized his girlfriend was that girl.

Her first thought was to kick the girl out of the house, but soon she decided to give her one more chance as she thought that must have been a bad day or, perhaps, something bad had happened before. She happily greeted her and kept smiling.

The girl instantly recognized the woman. She started getting blushed and pretended that she was feeling unwell explaining that she needed fresh air. Anyway, the dinner was amazing. They all laughed a lot and had a great time together.

However, the woman was still constantly being hit by her cheap jokes. This bothered her so much and she decided to do the following: just in the middle of the meal, she announced that there was something who was not worth being there.

To say that her son was astonished is nothing to say. He had no words. Only his face expressed strong disappointment. Claire rushed to leave the house and now everyone felt that sense of justice. Later, the son approached the woman and thanked.

He was grateful for her honesty and that she helped him choose the right path. Their relationship ended and the family celebrated the Christmas!

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