After years of infertility, the woman was hit by the happy news but was not ready for her husband’s and stepdaughters’ reaction

They broke her heart into pieces leading her to miscarry! See what she does as a response in this article!

After being married for 14 years, the woman first gets hit by the news that she was finally pregnant. To say that her happiness knew no bounds is nothing to say. However, the time her stepdaughters knew about the news, they started acting weird.

The woman has never been on good terms with them, in fact. She simply accepted their dynamics for the sake of her marriage. Their bond was not so good as she could wish especially after her stepdaughters’ hurtful comments.

Once they were hit by the long-awaited news, they advised her to stop the pregnancy.

The woman rushed to seek comfort from her husband who, to the woman’s great surprise, was of the same opinion and was not against getting rid of the baby at all. This immediately broke the woman making their relationships strained.

To say that she felt herself unsupported and humiliated is nothing to say. She decided kick them out of the house which actually belonged to her.

Shortly after they left, the woman experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage.

Later, she reunited with her ex-boyfriend with whom she now shares an adorable child and is absolutely happy.

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