A 23-year-old girl calls the police on her brother after he leaves his three kids on her porch and ruins her plans

What became «the last straw on the camel’s back» and what led her to call the police? For more details – see the article!

Today’s story was shared by a 23-year-old girl who decided to speak about how ungrateful and self-concentrated siblings can be and left everyone speechless. Her 27-year-old brother was a father of three kids – a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twins.

She spilled all the tea and mentioned that her brother always forced her to babysit his children disregarding all her plans. This became a kind of a habit and our heroine felt herself totally humiliated. One day, she even threatened to call her police.

Once, the girl had arrangements with her friends when the man called her and said that he was going to drop off the kids as his wife and him had plans. He didn’t believe that a sister would call the police on her own brother.

This time, she could no more endure and decided to stand up for herself. She insisted on calling the police explaining that she was unavailable at that moment to babysit his children. She eventually called the police. They couldn’t contact him too.

It was Child Protective Services that came to assist and assure the girl that her brother would no more bother her. It was at 4 am that the man called her to take the kids. She happily answered that they were with Child Protective Services.

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