«Married men, don’t even dare to look at this!» Hayek’s recent appearance is making headlines on media

Try not to double-check her age after this! 😮😍Salma Hayek keeps stealing men’s hearts with her timeless beauty and femininity! 💘 See the Mexican actress in new photos in this article! 👇👇👇

To say that for a 57-year-old woman she looks literally fantastic is nothing to say. It seems as if age is simply a number for her which fails to prevent her from continuing to steal hearts and shining with all brightness.

Lately, she has made impressive appearance at an event held for the new film «Ferrari» in order to show unwavering support to her best friend, actress P. Cruz, who, to tell the truth, looked no less gorgeous for her age.

The grayed strand of Salma’s hair didn’t go unnoticed, yet, didn’t ruin her charm at all. She has always been among those few actresses who never feel ashamed of showing their true self, with no cosmetics on, filters and retouching.

The loyal fans of the movie legend were delighted with her rejuvenated appearance so much that they could hardly find words to express their pleasant surprise.

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