While I was heavily pregnant with twin-girls, my mother-in-law treated me like a slave. My husband didn’t believe me until I secretly recorded everything

See what she did to expose her and how the husband reacted in this article!

One girl shared her real story about how she was being manipulated by her mother-in-law blowing up the network. As a 21-year-old, she was expecting twin girls and was experiencing heavy pregnancy.

It stands to reason that forming relationships with in-laws can be quite challenging since you enter a new family and are supposed to live «according to their rules». Today’s heroine didn’t have a good relationship with her mother in law.

The whole thing is that whatever she did, the older woman didn’t miss the chance to criticize her. It was literally impossible to please her. One day she made her make a dish from her home country without helping and exclaimed «Awful!» after tasting it.

I listened to her each and every command and was doing the chores entirely on my own, Finally, I learnt how to stand up for herself and refused to do anything until she was nice to her.

At first, my husband didn’t believe me and was being rude since he knew that I «set» my rules ignoring those of his mother. But I decided to record the way she talked to me and proved that I was absolutely right. He explained the «rules» to his mother, yet, had no plans to move.

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