«Living in a forest looks like this!» The family showed their life in nature and stormed the Internet

Getting sick and tired of an urban life, the family moved to a forest and started a new life! 😲🧐They showed what living in the midst of nature looks like by sharing some exclusive photos which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

This interesting article is about one family who, believe it or not, has already been living in a forest for around a decade. Their life story evokes interest especially among those who still can’t decide to leave the urban life behind and enjoy nature.

Today’s couple has two daughters whom they raise keeping away from society. The parents are both cooks whose decision to move to a forest and make living there was not impulsive at all.

As the man’s grandmother had a house in the country, the couple surely knew how it was to live away from everyone in that quietness and tranquility. The couple managed to get a house built solely out of natural materials: sand, clay and straw.

There is a well which helps collect the rainwater. What concerns the electricity, they can boast having solar batteries which have saved on electricity for around 10 years. The family grows fruit and vegetables, carries berries and mushrooms.

Though they don’t have any vehicles, they have horses and often ride bikes when needed. The food they eat is absolutely healthy and nurturing. Everyone would probably dream of living a life like this!

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