«Time machine!» Here are exclusive photos which prove the incredible power of time

17 photos from the series «before-after» as an illustration of the inevitable passage of time! 😲 After seeing this, people have mixed reactions! 🫣🤐 The exclusive photos can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

It is no secret to anyone that time flies away at a lightning speed. It changes absolutely everyone and nothing can remain the same. In this article you are welcome to see 17 photos showing the power of time.

How the Big Oak grew in 130 years!

Greek amphitheater stood unknown for ages until excavated.

The Golden Cross Tavern in Coventry

The same painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visitors from different eras

31 years ago the Berlin Wall fell.

Machu Picchu also went unnoticed for a long time.

Prague street with a difference of 110 years

Stone arch of Hick’s Court in Cornwall

The filming location of Star Wars

Café terrace, captured by Van Gogh (1888)

Smugglers’ plane crash site in the Bahamas

Landscape from a photograph by Th. Roosevelt

The main entrance to York, the difference is 150 years

Abandoned restaurant in Petropolis, Brazil

The first arch of the Manhattan Bridge and the bridge today

Tram in Polish Krakow


One may say that time is merciless, but not always!

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