«Expectations vs. Reality» Here are 17 examples of when clients strongly regretted visiting a beauty salon

17 cases when «professionals» ruined their clients’ day! 😬💔 After these scandalous photos you will make sure why you should be careful while choosing a beauty salon! 🤔🧐See the reason in this article! 👇

For a fresh look or a new image, girls and women frequently visit beauty salons where, as they believe, are only professional people who have brilliant skills and valuable experience of many years.

In this article you will see works of masters who literally ruined their clients’ day by doing a terrible makeup, hairdo or manicure. Have a look at the scandalous photos below and try not to be shocked!

Is this really a work of a professional?

Wedding manicure. Can you even believe?

She probably went to the world’s worst beauty salon.

Is this called spring makeup?

What terrible nails!

What she asked for and what she got!

Try not to burst into laughter!

What would you call this?

Expectations vs. reality!

Think twice if you want curls!

The result left the client speechless!

She paid 400 dollars for this, can you even believe?

Is this actually a work of a professional hairstylist?

How thick they are! Horrible!

She paid 42 dollars for this.

What she asked for and what she got at the end! Words are not enough to describe this!

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