«How to look at this without tears?» This is what motherhood has done to the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angel

Remember this Victoria’s Secret Angel who broke hearts in the 2000s? 💘😍 Look at her now! 😱💔 Adriana Lima disappointed the fans showing her postpartum body the photos of which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

Lima has been among the most desirable and valuable supermodels the industry has ever known. Her unique charm, impressive look and perfect body parameters made her name among those of the most iconic runway icons.

However, the moment she embraced motherhood and family life, everything has radically changed. Lima has become a proud mother of three. The way her figure has changed quickly became the topic of discussions.

Recently, she has recently claimed to undergo weight loss. Though her body seems to have become much slimmer, her face looks relatively bigger and the condition of her skin leaves a lot to be desired.

«How to look at this without tears?», «Motherhood took her beauty», «I have no words to express my disappointment», «Time hasn’t spared the supermodel of the world», «How was it even possible to change like this?».

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