«What a shame in public!»: The scandalous paparazzi photos of Kendall Jenner surface the network

Jenner had no idea how to get attention and showed up in tights without a skirt or pants! 😳😲She left no room for imagination in her vulgar look! 🤭🫣

This is what fashion dictates today! Kendall Jenner’s recent public appearance became the topic of discussions. This successful model is known for her daring style and risky outfits, but this time she could surprise even her fans.

No one has seen something like this before! World-renowned Kim Kardashian’s sister surprised everyone showing up in tights, high heels and a sweater.

People had mixed opinions about her look. The runway star’s admirers and supporters were quick to protect her anyway, while the others rushed to harshly criticize the star for her unsuccessful and even outrageous choice of an outfit.

«At least not completely naked!», «How long have I slept? From when has it become normal to show up like this?», «Modesty? No, she doesn’t know what it is!», «This is what fashion dictates!», «What a shame».

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