«The ugly bride from the Internet years later!»: Here is one of the most talked-about couples today

This is what happened to the unusual couple who made headlines around the world! 🧐😮 Emma and Chris showed their son and left everyone speechless! 🤐😲

Do you remember the couple of Emma and Chris? Their wedding photos instantly went viral the Internet. Most people didn’t even believe that they actually were a couple and not just actors who wanted fame and popularity.

The love story of this non-standard couple started when Chris and Emma met at a friend’s party. They immediately felt a special bond. Their growing interest in each other made them continue the communication after the party on social media.

What Chris liked in Emma most was her intelligence and witty mind. They soon realized that they were destined for each other and decided to get married. Just imagine people’s surprise when they announced that they were expecting a baby.

When their wedding photos appeared on the Internet a number of people started heavily criticizing Emma’s appearance considering her not enough and worthy of Chris’s love. This is why they isolated and never again appeared on social media.

According to reliable sources, Emma has undergone radical changes during these years. She had a hair transplant, lost weight and radically changed her style. The way she has transformed herself let no single one remain indifferent.

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