«What happened to beautiful Emilia Clarke?»: The new scandalous photos of the actress surface the network

The fans were horrified to see Emilia Clarke in these photos! 😱🤐 This is what multiple beauty procedures have done to the charming actress! 😬😧

People could hardly recognize beautiful Emilia Clarke in the new photos. Some are convinced that the outstanding actress has spoilt her beauty with multiple plastic surgeries since what she looks like now came as a big surprise for everyone.

The way the «Game of Thrones» star has changed came as a big disappointment for her fans. She looked like a completely different person raising questions on the web.

No one could believe their eyes and understand what was going on here. The look of the Mother of Dragons made a splash letting no one remain indifferent. Some are more than sure that it is just editing or a wrong angle.

«I hardly recognized my favorite actress here!», «What happened to beautiful Clarke?», «Am I dreaming? Is this real?», «I even had to double-check whether this was actually her or not», «I can find no words to express my disappointment!».

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