«Am I to blame for my ageing?»: This is how Streisand replied to the haters criticizing her for her aged look

The fans were horrified to see what age and years have done to beautiful Barbra Streisand! 😧😢They were not ready to see the 81-year-old star! 😮🤐

The appearance of Barbra Streisand has never ceased to be the center of paparazzi’s and journalists’ special attention. In recent years, people have extensively been criticizing the legendary actress for her noticeably aged look.

It is needless to say that far not everyone was ready to see how the actress has changed. Some even hardly recognized her here. Her recent public appearance made a splash on social media.

With no makeup on and in casual clothes, her unkempt appearance left a lot to be desired. This laid-back style emphasized her aged look even more. After these scandalous photos the number of her haters dramatically increased even more.

«I was definitely not ready for this!», «What a senior granny she has become», «What happened to this beauty?», «Was I the only one who hardly recognized her?».

The star replied to her haters explaining that blaming someone for their ageing is equal to blaming the water for its liquidness.

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