«With a messy bun and dressed like a beggar»: Mila Kunis’s laid-back look left a lot to be desired

The fans of Mila Kunis mistook her for a beggar! 😳🤯 The paparazzi photos of the actress came as a big disappointment! 😦💔

Despite being born in a small town, Mila Kunis is one of today’s most in-demand and desirable actresses in the industry. The film star isn’t ashamed of the fact that she wasn’t born in America unlike many of her co-stars and colleagues.

Photographers didn’t miss the chance to film the outstanding movie star during her casual walk. She was in a laid-back outfit consisting of a rather loose jacket, torn jeans, stylish sneakers and with a messy bun.

One thing that was quite obvious at first sight was that she had no makeup. Her natural off-screen appearance left a lot to be desired as the fans claimed

«Was I the only one who barely recognized her?», «What happened to our favorite actress?», «Is this the same Mila Kunis we all know?», «I mistook her with a beggar!», «Let’s collect money and buy her new clothes!».

How did you like the actress’s appearance in these photos?

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