«What years have done to Pamela Anderson!»: The way the actress has changed caused mixed reactions

The fans were horrified to see Pamela Anderson in these photos! 😱🫢 Paparazzi filmed the former Hollywood icon when she didn’t expect that at all! 😲😬

Previously, Pamela Anderson was considered a true icon who charmed everyone around with her unique facial features, gorgeous blonde hair and sensuality. Her great talent and professionalism were highly appreciated as well.

As Anderson mentions, she has never undergone a plastic surgery and her appearance is natural. However, the iconic film star’s photos show something else. It is clearly seen that she has turned to beauticians and cosmetologists not once.

Though her sense of style and charisma will always be the same, people noticed that she considerably gained weight and has aged. To some, she looks unrecognizable. People kept claiming that old Pamela Anderson was gone.

The loyal fans of the legendary movie star rushed to shower her with lots of compliments. All in all, people had mixed opinions, but none of them could stay indifferent.

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