«Still with crooked teeth and a monobrow!»: What Megan Fox looked like in her teens came as a big surprise

The archive photos of Megan Fox as an awkward teen surface the network! 🧐😲 The fans of the actress definitely weren’t ready for this! 😲😬

No one would deny that Megan Fox is among the most desirable actresses in the industry with whom millions of men are crazy in love. Nevertheless, far not everyone saw her as an awkward teen with crooked teeth and a unibrow.

When one looks at this child, it becomes hard to believe that she would soon become one of the main stars in Hollywood. This unattractive teen has turned into a gorgeous woman. Can you even believe?

Many called her «an ugly duckling» considering that with her monobrow and ugly teeth she would never find someone having no idea that one day millions of men would dream of dating her.

«She is getting even better year by year!», «Even with a monobrow and crooked teeth, she looks cute», «How has this ugly duckling turned into one of the main icons of Hollywood?».

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