«Even 20-year-olds dream of a body like her!»: In pursuit of eternal youth, Wang wears outfits unacceptable for her age

She can barely walk but wears mini, stockings and high heels! 🧐🤯 73-year-old designer Vera Wang tries to look younger, but her attempts are failed! 😬🤔

There is no one who hasn’t heard of this legendary designer. People strongly refuse to believe that this woman is already 73 since she looks no more than 40. Even at her age, she still tries on revealing outfits and walks on high heels.

Her most recent look in mini and stockings let no single one stay indifferent. The designer’s total-black outfit caused a stir and became the subject of heated discussions. To some of her fans, her desperate attempts to look younger are failed.

«What is she trying to show off? Her match-like legs or wrinkled face?», «Please eat more. You don’t look healthy at all», «Despite barely walking, she still stays true to her style, wow!», «Bravo Wang, keep going!».

«A poor woman, she probably still follows strict diets!», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «Envy silently! No one is getting younger», «Wash off your makeup and then we will see!».

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