«Unrecognizable after multiple plastic improvements!»: The new paparazzi photos of Cruz made a splash

The fans hardly recognized Penelope Cruz in these scandalous photos! 🧐😮 Paparazzi showed what the Spanish actress looks like after countless plastic surgeries! 😬

The perfect appearance of Penelope Cruz has never ceased to captivate millions of viewers. Many believe that she has found the secret to eternal youth and beauty and has no plans to age yet.

Photographers have recently been lucky enough to catch the iconic actress in a tiny green dress and with a gorgeous hairdo. She looked stunning as always, but the fans clearly noticed that she had done something on her face.

Some were curious wondering whether she had some complexes or insecurities that led her to turn to plastic surgeons, or it was the society that made her enhance her natural appearance and be like the others around.

Most of the fans of the outstanding actress hold the opinion that she needed no surgery and could have not change anything about her incredibly beautiful appearance.

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