«She will make everyone’s heart beat faster!»: This is what the heiress of Van Damme looks like

Van Damme showed his heiress and now everyone is in love with her! 😮😍 No one expected that the heiress of the action movie star will grow up to be such a hottie! 🥵

The name of this legendary action movie star is well-known all over the world. He is a renowned and celebrated actor but little is known about his personal life. Few have seen his daughter. Here is Bianca, the heiress of the Belgian movie star.

Unlike many other celebrity children, she doesn’t want to be under the umbrella of her famous father and aims at achieving success entirely on her own.

She was born in 1990. Initially, many expected her to connect her life with bodybuilding.

Her father was a karate and kickboxing champion with a 53-2 record and her mother used to be a popular bodybuilder. The girl has two brothers named Christopher and Nicholas.

To everyone’s great surprise, she chose ballet and figure skating instead of kickboxing or bodybuilding. Though the parents wanted her to get into marital arts for developing her self-discipline skils, she wasn’t interested, though.

She went too far in skating considering it her true calling. Yet, an injury changed everything and she couldn’t even think about the Olympics.

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