«No trace left of his attractive appearance»: this is how Bradley Cooper was transformed for a new role

First it seems that he really was Leonard Bernstein who appeared in the film.😱😱😱

One of the famous celebrities in Hollywood is Bradley Cooper, who has a lot of fans. It turned out that it was not at all a problem for him that he had to change himself to be like the character he would play. He agrees to all transformations without any problems.

Recently, a film appeared on the official website of the social network Netflix where he played the main role.

Bradley Cooper will play Leonard Bernstein who is one of the most famous conductors in the world. Transforming Cooper for the make-up artists was certainly not an easy task. It was necessary to try to attract the attention of the audience because the whole film is about the whole life of a musical legend.

This is more difficult to do in a color image.

Bradley is not only the hero of the film, but also its director, producer and even author. He will reprise his role with many other actors such as Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Strong and more.

The release date of the film has not even been determined, but the actor’s fans are already looking forward to it.

«It’s really hard to recognize him», «He is a wonderful actor because he is not afraid of transformations for the sake of the role», «At first it even seems that Bernstein himself is playing his role».

What do you think?

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