«Brave Struggle Against a Giant Birthmark»: Luna’s Inspiring Journey to a Clearer Future

The girl’s birthmark was happily removed 👧🥹

The little girl living in the USA had a huge birthmark on her face and her mother shared her story on the Internet. The girl was named Luna and she had her last operation.

Most of Luna’s face was covered with a birthmark called a melanocytic nevus. It doesn’t hurt her, but doctors consider, that over time it could become a cancer.

She was taken to the hospital and doctors told, that the girl needed 100 laser therapy sessions and also four years of treatment.

But another surgeon agreed to operate on her. And the girl and her mother immediately went to the doctor for the operation.

Fortunately the doctor was able to remove the birthmark from her left cheek. And after several months the mother of the girl shared the news. The girl had undergone her last operation.

The mother also told, that the girl was active, she didn’t feel pain and also had a good appetite.

Luna is still living with a bandage, that affects her vision. But it turned out to be her last operation.

The girl’s family was overjoyed for their girl’s success.

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