«Makes hearts beat faster in an unbuttoned shirt!»: Madonna’s grown-up heir is the exact copy of his father

Madonna showed her son and everyone was surprised by his resemblance to Ritchie 😱🤔

The legendary performer shared fascinating photos from the birthday party of her son Rocco who already turned 22. The iconic singer was really proud of her son and they raised glasses to celebrate such a remarkable event.

In the photos, one may also see the woman’s younger children. Lourdes and David were not present for some reason. The performer gave her preference to a delicate floral-pint silk dress.

What concerns the birthday boy, he was in gray pants and a bluish unbuttoned shirt. People started to compare the boy to his father clearly noticing the striking resemblance between them.

It should be mentioned that Rocco was born in 2000 to the singer and director G. Ritchie. The childhood of the guy definitely wasn’t the best one since his parents divorced when he was still 8.

Later, he ran away from home and was arrested for using illegal drugs at the age of 16. The guy wanted to move and live with his father since he was tired of his mother’s controlling behavior.

Rocco takes a great interest in art and has even sold his own artworks. He is also engaged in modeling.

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