«Granny’s genes did their job!»: This is what happened to the baby who was born with unusually snow-white hair

Here is the unique boy born with snow-white hair now 🥰🤗

It was in 2013 that P. Williams gave birth to Redd with naturally snow-white hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Initially, the family thought that he simply had light-colored hair, but then it turned out that he had albinism.

They remembered that their grandmother was born with blonde hair as well. Though everyone including doctors claimed that she was albino, she refused to confirm that.  And now, her grandson was born with albinism.

It is worth mentioning that it is only their unusual hair color that distinguish such people from the others, they grow up in a normal way and are not anyhow different from the others.

Many years have already passed and the baby’s look has undergone noticeable changes.

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