«A phenomenal case that entered history!»: The young girl gave birth to 9 healthy babies

This is what happened to the 9 babies this girl from Morocco gave birth to at once 😳🥰

The arrival of the 9 children of 25-year-old Halima Cisse literally left the entire world speechless. While expecting their firstborn, the spouses were amazed to know that they were expecting 9 children.

Many would think that she turned to IVF treatment, yet she got pregnant with 9 kids in a natural way, something that still surprises most doctors.

While being pregnant, the woman was constantly under the supervision of doctors since both the mother and her babies were at risk and some postpartum complications were possible to occur.

The mom-to-be gave birth to her kids through a cesarean section. Each of the babies weighed half a kilo and had to be kept in the hospital for some time.

Here are the 4 boys and 6 girls. What is it if it is not a miracle?

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