Unplanned Adventure: Couple’s Road Trip Takes Unexpected Turn with the Arrival of Adorable Travel Companion

The kitty made her new owners fall in love with her 🐱🥰

Margaret and her partner considered living on the road and didn’t plan to take another pet. And one day being in Croatia they parked up their van and left its doors open.

And a sweet little kitty used her chance and jumped into the van introducing herself to the couple. And they still couldn’t imagine it will be a new start to their life.

They named the kitty Millie and she went after them everywhere. They went to the beach, hiked through the countryside and slept together with the little kitty.

And when it was time for the couple to continue their trip they considered to leave the kitty there. They considered it would be better for Millie to stay in a place, that is known to her.

And when they were already next to the border to leave the country they couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet little kitty, who was very important for them during their journey.

And then they returned to their van and went to find the adorable kitty, that they had left behind. Happily, Millie was excited to see them again and didn’t hold a grudge.

She immediately jumped into the van and behaved as if nothing had happened. Although the couple didn’t plan to take the sweet kitty, but then they felt they couldn’t live without the little kitty. Now they will make sure there’s a place for Millie when they travel and will never think about leaving her behind.

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