«Did anyone call for an icon?»: Stunningly beautiful Kidman deservedly appeared on the magazine cover

It is impossible to take our eyes off Kidman who dazzles everyone with her beauty 😍

On the cover of Perfect Magazine appeared this iconic and world-renowned 55-year-old star.

Her entirely new image created by a group of professional stylists quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

The daring and stunningly beautiful appearance of the legendary movie star delighted absolutely everyone. Her golden hair and interesting look suited her best.

What concerns the makeup, the team of stylists decided not to overload her delicate image with heavy makeup and simply accentuated her natural beauty.

Her magnificent appearance on the cover pleasantly surprised the fans and people simply couldn’t get enough of her.

The attractive and flawless figure of the celebrity lets no one remain indifferent. Men couldn’t resist and not to fall in love with her.

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