«The three princesses have grown up!»: The way these identical Iranian triplets have changed deserves special attention

This is what unearthly beauties these identical triplets from Iran have become over time 😳😍

It was twenty years ago that one Iranian family welcomed these three princesses. Initially, their mother expected to have only one child, but soon found out that she would have three girls.

Though it was extremely difficult for the family to raise them from a financial perspective, they gave them as much care and parental love as they could. According to their cultural traditions, they were expected to get married when they grew up.

However, they chose another path. They soon settled in London and their parents continued taking care of them anyway.

Here are Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz who take a great interest in modeling and are slowly gaining popularity on social media. The three princesses often share fashionable looks helping others how to choose appropriate outfits.

They have been invited to take part in photo shoots and have been offered various jobs due to their popular blog and absolutely unique appearance.

The identical sisters are in no rush to get married and plan to achieve greater success.

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