The smile of this adorable dog will fill your day with happiness: you can’t stop watching his photos  

What a charming smile! 

This amazing creature is 9 years old and has already become famous throughout the world, and the reason is quite simple: his sweet smile.

Tina Marcum Denlinger is lucky enough to be the owner of such a cute dog, who always keeps her happy.

Chevy enjoys everything; walking, running, playing, sleeping and eating, so he has a happy life surrounded by loving people.

When the day is sunny, Chevy wears his favorite hat to protect his head from the sun.

His smile becomes wider when he is offered food or a walk. That’s what he enjoys most of all.

Although he is not a puppy anymore, he is very playful and energetic. Even many people think that he is a baby.

His smile will make you smile!

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