The owner struggled to control his emotions after finding his dog eight years later 

A touching reunion of an owner with his lost puppy over the years

A man named John left his dog in the yard and went to the house and it was their last meeting. The dog had jumped the fence and went away.

John searched for his dog together with his neighbors, but later it became clear, that the puppy went to the woods. The whole family searched for the puppy for many months, but without any result.

And also the puppy’s owners published his photos and promised a prize for finding their dog. John also told, that Kiwi wouldn’t respond to anyone’s calls.

And after some time it was almost impossible to find the puppy. But eight years later they received a phone call. Someone told, that he had seen their beloved Kiwi close to his house, but it was 500 kilometers away.

Kiwi’s owner immediately went and it became clear, that the four-hour travel was worthwhile, as he discovered his beloved dog. John struggled to control his emotions when he saw his beloved puppy.

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