The caring puppy must be called a real hero after saving her owner’s life

The loyal dog, remained by her owner’s side while she needed help

A sweet chihuahua lived with a kind elderly woman and the puppy discovered the way to thank her. The small puppy barked for almost five hours to save her owner and must clearly be called a hero.

The elderly woman and her puppy were inseparable for many years and after the puppy saved the woman’s life it demonstrated, that the dog could be more than just a friend.

One day the woman went to check the mailbox and she slipped and fell to the ground. The woman found out, that she had left her phone at home and couldn’t move.

But her clever pet immediately understood her owner was in need and immediately called for help. She began barking without stopping and after someone heard her they came to assist. The caring animal remained by the woman’s side for almost five hours and continued barking all the time.

And after many hours the couple heard her barks and considered finding out the reason. Happily they immediately came for help and took the elderly woman straight to the hospital.

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