The scene of the police dog reacting to his handler’s surprise visit is truly heartbreaking

He always keeps his beloved person in his heart

This story is about a sudden reunion of a loyal doggie and his previous handler.

A few years ago 8 years old Wangwang served in the police in Central China, but in 2019 he was adopted and stopped working there.

Although he was divided from his beloved handler, he never forget him and kept him in his heart.

One day, when the handler was passing by the dog’s owner’s house, he decided to visit him without expecting that the faithful animal would react to his surprise in this way.

The cute doggie began to cry with happiness. The scene was recorded on camera and excited a great number of viewers.

After spending some time together, the man had to say goodbye to the dog, but it completely broke the cutie’s heart. He didn’t want to be divided from him once more.

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