That was not an easy task but the rescuers managed to save 100 helpless creatures  

Bringing lions back home was a really big deal 

Rescuers of Animal Defenders International did their best to save 100 defenseless creatures, 33 of which were lions. It was really challenging, but luckily, they were freed from the circus and got a second chance at life.

Animals in those circuses were forced to appear in front of the audience and performed any number.

Although they suffered a lot and had many difficulties in life, they were saved thanks to this organization and also other special forces.

Although the rescue lasted a year and a half, it succeeded. 100 defenseless creatures, including lions got the life they deserved. They couldn’t be released to the wild, because their teeth were broken.

Now they live in Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, Waalwater, South Africa and have a carefree life next to kind people.

The founder of the sanctuary named Savannah Heuser claims that these creatures are safe there and feel great in their new environment.

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