All of the guests were captivated by the slow-moving, but beautiful ring carrier

An adorable turtle, that brought wedding rings to the altar

Twenty years ago two vets named Elina and Jay first met when they were researching for turtles. So they considered giving their pet turtle named Tomas the responsibility of carrying wedding rings.

The couple put strawberries on his way to motivate the turtle approach to the altar. Tomas usually eats hay and other dry foods as he is always lived in the desert.

Elina told, that as their turtle adores strawberries they considered placing them on his way. Tomas moved very slowly, but brought the rings in a flower basket, that was attached to his shell.

All of them were worried as some of the women had their toenails painted. Elina remarked, that their turtle did a hard job and they are overjoyed for the result.

All of the guests were captivated by their adorable ring carrier. And the next day they asked Elina to show them some of his photos.

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