«I decided to follow that little voice in my head»: The Mebius syndrome failed to prevent this unique girl from becoming a model

This unique girl unable to smile fulfilled her cherished dream and became a model

Here is 24-year-old Tyla Clement from New Zealand who, unfortunately, is unable to smile and, believe it or not, hasn’t smiled even once throughout her life.

At the age of eight she was diagnosed with a congenital defect, the Syndrome of Mebuis, which results in the absence of facial expressions. Her inability to smile, grin, rise her upper lip and anyhow move her face didn’t prevent her from popularity.

As Tyla recalls, she has been bullied not only morally, but also physically. Her peers didn’t miss a chance to laugh at her and judge her non-standard appearance. However sad it may seem, she even attempted to end everything and was simply devastated.

Though she underwent a surgery at the age of 11, it completely failed making it more difficult and unbearable for her to appear in public.

Consultations with doctors and psychologists, as well as meditation and regular workouts significantly helped her pull herself together and survive in the world of injustice. Once she started her own Tiktok, she gained thousands of supportive fans.

Fortunately, her lifetime dream has come true and Zebedee, a popular modeling agency, signed a contract with her. «I really want to leave my mark on the modeling industry, I know I have so much to give and the ability to inspire others».

She shared that her smile doesn’t look like that of others around her. It belongs only to her and her little self would undoubtedly be proud of her.


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