The stray dog did this to show humans that she was in need, and she succeeded

She secured her future with her own hands

Everything happened last year, when Bill Shaver left his car door open while he was at a gas station. Suddenly, a brave doggie jumped in the car and took a seat in the back. Although Bill’s wife was there, the canine didn’t hesitate to do it as if she knew her for a long time.

The stubborn dog didn’t want to leave them, so the couple made a decision at first to take her to a vet, then adopt her.

After checkup, the couple was informed that the canine had some infections, so they were sure that she didn’t have owners.

The next step was adopting the sweetie and surprisingly, the dog who hadn’t had home before, adapted to his new environment and behaved herself like a full member of the family.

She was named River.

Now River enjoys the life she always dreamed of.

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