A homeless dog, who had the fortune to meet kind people

The grateful puppy showed her gratitude toward her savior 

This is an adorable poodle named Leyla, who will brighten everyone’s day. At first, she was a homeless puppy wandering the streets, but then she met the kindest people in the world.

The founder of the animal shelter learned about the puppy and immediately went to the place to help her. When they arrived they were able to find the puppy very quickly. The woman named Anne understood she must be patient with this poor animal.

The woman sat next to the animal and calmly petted and comforted her and so she was able to gain the animal’s confidence. The woman was touched when she was transferring Leyla.

The little puppy gave Anne kisses to show her gratitude and love toward her savior. Anne will remember this day for a long time.

The puppy had some medical issues, so she must stay at the vet clinic for two weeks. Then Layla was taken to her own forever home. And from that moment she has had a meaningful and wonderful life.

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