The happy dogs, who went kayaking with their owner for the first time

The special constructed boat for the dogs

This story is about a retired doctor named Dave Bay, who always adored taking his dogs on vacation and going kayaking. So he considered a brilliant plan how to mix these two things. He constructed a special boat for his dogs.

Now he takes his dogs kayaking every time he goes. He considered the idea and built a special hole in the boat for his dog in order he could easily fit there.

The place was lacking for human legs, but the man changed it into a dog shaped aperture for his beloved dog Suzy.

And also he used special fasteners for water.

He did all of this in order his dog could have happy adventures in safety. The man took another dog named Gilly and constructed another hole for him. The pets were overjoyed as it was the first time they went kayaking.

The man also told, that his wife takes their puppy Pingu with her on boat vacations.

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